Thursday, January 7, 2016

When the year is still new

Seneca would have just felt ashamed,
His philosophies would all seem framed
Had he been active on facebook or quora,
He would have opened a box of Pandora

For the posts shared on the site,
Told this year NOW is new and right
I wonder why I never realized that yet,
I now have a magic wand to waive off debt

And happily and 'eagerly' I 'wait' to see its magic,
But 1st day goes and so does a week in tragic
The year which seemed new, is just turn of days,
 Nothing more than, another stage for life's plays

It is then the year retorts, to not be in despair
You do the good and remain the clear
Let it take 365 fresh days to brew
When the year is still new

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