Monday, April 9, 2018

Before and After

B-School changed me. But it changed me for good and my blog for bad. Or so as I like to believe. I no longer write about what's on my mind, FB has started taking a major chunk of it. I no longer write about travels, too busy Instagram'ming them. A person of few words, as I would like to call myself, with some rare exceptions who could disagree on, I became a person of fewer words, never mind the lots of hashtags though.

A few hours in a workshop today with lots of marketing and designing folks from the company and around, I had three realizations:

  • I was the diversity today and it didn't had to do anything with my gender, with less than 1% of Engineer-MBA in the room. A self achievement unlocked
  • Business Feasibility, is a concept I now understand way too well (not in a very usual modest mode today) and hence that spoiled my day with some really stupid marketing ideas around me! 
  • I just needed to scribble here 
Phew! :)

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