Saturday, October 27, 2007

Complex ??

I went to my room & the first thing I did was to check out the actual dictionary meaning of the word ‘sophisticated’ .It was not that I was not aware of its meaning ,as I presumed it to be something high in standards & complex, as in ‘some sophisticated design’,after all that’s how we keep on increasing our vocabulary ,by presuming the word meanings as of what it could be,instead of peeping in that big-block-like-dust-covered book. However that particular day while I was trying to concentrate on my microwave engineering book in the library,thanks to the ever torturing mid sem exams heading on ,a good friend of mine sitting besides me commented out of nowhere ” know what ,you are known in our group as a very SOPHISTICATED GAL..!!” Now not used to such direct comments ,I initially didn’t know how to react that too when I was trying very hard to figure out what was written in the book & recollect what the teacher was trying to teach, so I could just manage a smile followed by a small thank you for letting me know that.
I also m trying to observe changes around ,this time to be included as my post when exams stand up infront of you like a big monster.

(By the way , am still trying to figure out what it could have meant,out of its various meanings, when used to describe me .)


  1. since u seem highly confused..i must help u,who on this this can expalin u all these btr than me???
    hr goes d meanin...
    "Sofisticated" meant u hav certain defined waz of doin things..u nvr make fuss of anythin..n as ppl think(or say) u r not at all confused(oops..r u actually!!!)

    although i tried to explain u that time also..u didn't put ear to it..n tat coz of Microwave...i understand!!

  2. thnx dear it ws gud to listen frm ur frank heart...& thanks also for understanding..!!