Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Great Indian Odyssey

Following the Indian tradition of following the west, we Indians are into an all new Idea of the ODYSSEY YEARS as can be seen from the fact that the newspaper dailies these days keep pouring in some matter in their op-ed about this ‘latesht hap’ topic (so all I could do was add it as my yet another post.)

David Brooks, the New York Times Columnist appositely coined this as the phase between adolescence & adulthood, something which barely existed just a generation back but can be very finely found, peculiarly when you see about you, as almost every one today is well aware of their own ideas & believe in the mantra of living-your-own-life-your-own-way. Adventure, Lots of Risk-taking, Confusions , from giving up to giving a chance, beginning afresh, or trying out something new, switching fields there is a lot many more things an individual would like to pursue before taking up any obligations of what we define an adult. No doubt, the Indian family has always played a very crucial role in an individual’s life , especially the life-turning decisions you ought to take as a grown up & it always will ,still people are now more aware of heeding to their dreams & career needs more than anything else ,(especially talking about the metros & the 2-tier cities) , giving a way to a more confident cognizant personality .Thus, looking forward towards my odyssey as justly quoted, “I don’t know where I am directing for, but just can’t wait to get there.

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