Sunday, October 7, 2007


Well ,the actual word is Insomniac..!!It is what I become when I realize lying on my bed that its over one full hour ,got a full day schedule tomorrow & still am doing nothing,that's what I call one of my VOID MOMENTS...& this further takes any remaining sleep away.So this Catch-22 situation is not actually I care about but its after effects when one tries to keep eyelashes from closing down the whole next day.
So,winters have arrived with me arguing this time its early (as usual),exam times approaching,me trying hard to begin with my so-defined-as MBA entrance preparations ,though am still sure as death MBA is not for me & me not for MBA either but this is what I can do till I don't decide what to do & me still hoping on Hamilton after his exit at chinese grand prix.Basically its not him, am not any hard-core Hamilton fan,but atleast he is providing a good competition to Alonso..
Will add more to this post as it is Sleepy Time Now..!!

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