Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Romance with Google

It started all the way back when I was into my 1st year of teen.I don't know how it actully started but knew it for sure that it had along way to before it starts sounding like an actual love story ......
It began as my gateway to the Internet world...the 1st encounter , being a netizen.
I remember being saved by it several times as it got in it everything I wanted to know about starting from my class assignments initially to the google earth till date which lets me peep into my B Bay home, mile away any instant to any place around the globe .The speed & variety it offers,must say a rare combination of Quality & Quantity.
More lately the GTALK , GMAIL , PICASA , G VIDEOS , G TRANSLATES, G IMAGES , G DESKTOP ,G EARTH & not to be forgotten BLOGGER ( all this makes me feel my life revolves more around google than any thing else lately ) and soo many more 'G' words, which u got to learn about as you keep discovering its upcoming facilities.


Know your Google's History
Google Hoaxes (too interesting)
Google Technology
How to use Google

So...Happy Googling..!!!!

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