Wednesday, November 14, 2007

D for Diwali

The privilege of journeying exclusively all the way to home & back (to where-else) after a great 1 week off (add to it a forbidden day's bunk which supposedly makes you quite an unprofessional as of what I hear from all of us but love doing as all of us ) full of lotsa glittering lights,beauteous decorations, variety- colours which you keep testing on your so-made Rangolis till ultimately it is perfected by mommy like always, sweets & mouth-watering dishes, endless good wishes,captivating markets ,superb movies to watch ....sounds so amazing .All this just implies you had a really very good time leaving behind a lot of stuff to talk about.With noise levels lowering this year compared to last 5 years indicating that the cracker mania is reducing as in my case which has almost tended to zero but the focus is definitely shifting to other options(read it as mithais & chocolates & other sweet things around..!!)
Happy Diwali readers case there are any..!!


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  2. Hey, firstly thanks for your response about the blog (rather) about the thoughts!
    atleast i got a comment!!;) tht too from a thoughtful person like youu![;)]
    Hmmm... nicely interpreted the fest!:)
    well... I read almost all of your blogs, no doubt you're having a nice
    command over the language coupled with thoughts! but just wanna say tht
    in every article we write, we can bring the matter to a conclusion,
    which would not only sooth the writer him/herself
    but even the readers too! What i meant
    is tht you're having nice writing strength, don't mind but try to extract out
    somewt more productive or write about more noticeable or readable
    Well, quite possibly this matter
    would make my impact on you as just
    a preacher sought of typical person! But
    I write what I feel...! This is what this Musafir is.....!![:)]
    Concerning with this previous
    line, you should also continue your
    work without pausing on whatever
    senseless i wrote....[:D]
    After all work matters...!!
    Well said "Aalochako ki parwaah kare
    bagair likhte rahiye! aaj tak kisi
    aalochak ki pratima kisi chourahe
    par nahin lagi hai! lekin lekhako ki
    anek hain...!![:)]"
    (Another irritating lines...!![:D])
    anyways, thanks again..! bbye![:)]
    Keep Bloggin!

  3. Thanks for such a wonderful comment as well as your advice...will definitely pay a heed to it in the next post... & no u don't sound like a preacher at all keep writting what you feel like..!!