Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thank God,Its Me.

Being at home after a semester end with nothing much to do leaves you a lot of time to watch TV..err naah ...besides that to pause,cogitate & ponder more about life. So as I was just raking through ,I caught up with a documentary about Einstein's brain & picked this " The Speed of Time is commanded by our own thoughts & activities & thus is controlled by us"- as an instance Einstein himself cited & explained relativity as clock ticks faster while sitting besides a beautiful girl as compared to doing any draggy job or handling an unmanageable situations.Think about this & you will understand it.I too thought & got this:

When time ticks fast :
1. When the invigilator announces last 15 minutes & am stuck in a very lengthy paper & have no idea what next to do, there are so many things to do.(quite frequently encountered during exam season) .
2.You are nearing end of a very interesting book,its almost 3 am & you have an important DSP type class very next morning & a full day ahead ( & then you realize,there was an extra class from 8 am instead of 8:30 ,ohh no leave the book.)

When the minute hand seems like the hour hand:
1. Off course , it has to be a very boring lecture & you just can't escape.(again a very frequent case).
2.Waiting for your turn in a queue (except when its Mumbai ,there is something mysterious about the 'Q's here..they run fast like the city.

Whatever it be there are times when you actually know that time is running at its most perfect speed & that's when you are creating a moment you are gonna cherish for a long time in the memory lane as:
Just returned today from hostel,relished amazing meal ( one of the favs ) & than watching out just another but a beauteous sunset with mumma papa on a busy & breezy marine drive.Believe me ,it feels so lucky.

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