Thursday, December 27, 2007

When The Result Is Out..

Time: Few Days back having an evening stroll.
Venue: Porbandar in Gujrat, I was on a wonderful Gujrat Tour & this is a part of my few bad moments there.

S:Hie, you okeyy??
me:Yes, Why are the results out ?? (as they were supposed to be & yes my college is very punctual in this part )
S:Yeah (very slowly)
me:So, How was it? you didn't check it yet.
me:Off course I didn't ,how could I ,I mean am in the middle of my holiday & I travelled the whole day.
S: So how is it all going?
me: Its all going fine,but what about the result?
S:Good,you are having a nice time, & you still want to know it.
me:arrey yaar tell me now.
S:Its bad , as per your expectations .
( & those words were enough for me to know am gone)
me:Still, you got to tell me now.
S:Well,It is _._
me:What, Ohh Sh**...& den i don't know what I talked & the call ended.
I really didn't expect it & it was one of my lowest.. :(

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