Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Unthoughtfully Thoughtful.

This happens every spring semester. We get an unexpected, unofficial week off in college; I have no chance of going home while people around me rush home ASAP, & am left in my all-for-me hostel. By the way, it’s Founder’s day celebration time ,so worth attending(& unfortunately we are bribed to attend it..)!!.
The Patience stock is genuinely at its lowest & I just don’t have slightest of the idea if at all this blog of mine will enjoy any readership. Though this never deters me & I keep continuing as I decide to blog down few thoughts, which keep popping, as weird happenings keep happening:

1. Awkward Coincidence: Why do I meet the same person at same place (lets say, the college gate every time am walking in or out) the whole day or twice as & when I enter, of course it’s quite noticeable to avoid thinking it as a mere coincidence (by both the parties, I must add). It just happens. This is especially when you are avoiding the particular person (not in my case though).I wonder if it has to do something with Murphy’s law or if there is any term to it, similar to deja vu. Think about it doesn’t it happens to you?

2. It’s not snowing but believe me that’s just because maybe snow is not available(water or err snow scarcity??), as this desert is totally frigid & giving me an amazing experience I never had, of loading myself with tons of winter clothes & still keep shivering.


  1. Oh wow, I totally know what you mean. I wore five layers of clothing and STILL froze. *sigh* Hope tomorrow's warmer!

  2. The weather isn't..though your comment made it better..Thnx.