Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The day was different. I had a feeling commonly used to have long back, in skool to be precise, going on stage to get a prize…seems like I have literally stopped doing any good stuff after getting into e n g I n e e r I n g.

However going down through a bad phase does teach you a lot; let me get it down clear:

If you are going through a low, I apologize its really bad, agreed & no one (believe me not even your parents/closest buddy) knows what a shit you are in, so it makes things worse confronting all this exclusively.

So foremost what you do is plainly swallow it (like a bad hostel mess formulation),accept the situation & stop opposing something you can’t change as it’s already destined (okay now am sounding like Paulo Coelho again but than that’s true coz’ I did that mistake for a long time..! it has taught me)

However a good point is that you are lucky to see both the sides of life, sooner the better as the level gets tougher as you clear them & that is what makes it all interesting.

I mean imagine if I would have remained to be a padhakoo types I would have missed millions of amazing other things around. So when they say there is something good behind every bad, there actually is something, just help yourself find it and you already see yourself getting out of the mess(must add before entering another one).As the song goes:

This is for the ones who stood their ground

For Tommy and Gina who never backed down

Tomorrow's getting harder make no mistake

Luck ain't even lucky

Got to make your own breaks

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