Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Backed up wiki soul..!!

World has enough important issues to be pondered upon, there are interesting movies & many thought provoking books to be talked about & discussed in blogs that people would be more interested to read about like some knowledgeable stuff but the problem with “My Galaxy” lies in the fact that it belongs to the galaxian which has a misconception that anyone’s life can be another fiction ready to be written.

I am not weak hearted. Now I don’t say I was born like that, but I evolved, adapted, matured & many such terms did happen at hostel as they usually do & I now strictly do not fall under the category of people who are scared to sleep in dark or afraid to go alone star gazing in a lonely hostel terrace with creepy, imaginary background music & various other such types I could fortunately encounter here. Though I admit, I have never watched a certified scary movie & neither do I intend to.

However, many things did happen recently, which made me reconsider my above claimed attributes.

Like an incident, all to be blamed to my intuitive power, which I now strongly believe I have in plenty..!! So, here I was lazily lying on my bed, engrossed in “The Kite Runner”, just another weekend when my room has turned to single-Seater again, courtesy my roomie. I, out of nowhere thought of going to the water cooler & as soon as I opened the door, I could find 2 of the known faces standing in front, about to knock, now since it was around 2 am , & not a very obvious scene, a natural scream followed by a couple of screams from their side too (of course they were ignorant of my intuitive power, till this) enough to have woken up people around and no doubt leaving me shaky.

Secondly, Lappie started to give some warning signals & indicated that it needed some back up. Now, the beauty of the word ‘imminent’ used in the warning did kinda make me seriously think about if something is wrong.It turned out to be okey though. However, I couldn’t keep myself from thinking about “Back Upas when applied to our lives. I mean, living life on the edge is something which happens & looks good only in the movies. We all need to create some plan & than a back up. May be that’s why humans are never said to be satisfied, it’s always what’s next in our lives back up to a back up plan, a job offer than a PG plan, its execution plan & than a further back up in case of any failure, & another back up for dealing with its consequences. Any case, whatever the plan be & whatever be the back up, life must be dynamic enough as E M Foster quoted & it appeared this Sunday in STOI: “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life waiting for us.” And believe me as it turns out there is a planner for all of us better than us but than some body also said that “wisdom comes to us when it can no longer do any good..”

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  1. I hope you actually did manage to take the back up of Laptop. Send it if the problem persists as its still under warranty.