Saturday, April 12, 2008

Once Upon A Time

Whenever he happened to see any article about solitude, he knew that it had to be something really meaningful & definitely related to him. He had randomly read this in one of those many self analysis (his types) articles in some Sunday newspaper supplement, that there are 2 kinds of people,

One who know their loneliness well & actually enjoy it. While the other category involved the not-so-lucky souls which could not accept their loneliness & are simply not comfortable with their own company, as to put in his way. He started with the second category & gradually ended being the first kind as he became friends with himself. It was so easier & peaceful for him now; after all such transforming journeys are not easy to undertake & are usually the forced ones, blame it all to the circumstances. He didn’t find himself weird anymore & realized that when one reaches such a deeper level of understanding, the complexities simple out themselves. In technical terms he now understood a wider spectral range of frequencies & that it happily matched with those of many around him. His solitude turned out to be a great teacher, as it usually happens. So, is this what we hear about turning your weakness into your strength?

In fact, now people enjoyed his company, after all every one liked being with someone who could actually listen to them.

Seems like life is an opportunist & never misses any chance of being ironic.

PS: To all my silent readers; fuhget it, this ain’t for you.


  1. reminded me of somethyn that goes like.."people speak when silence become intolerable"..solitude is such an intresting thing to be with.. i can live with it alone the entire day :)

  2. You caught it right,solitude it eventually speaks..!!