Thursday, July 17, 2008

Can't Blame You- Lady Luck

There was no way I was going to miss this latest flick of the hottesht newesht rising Khan & what better day to give yourself a movie treat when you just discover that your really strong section betrayed you.My confident answers in the sunday's test mostly turned out to be wrong..tricky paper huh..! but than this is what mocks are for.

So here, I & sis ,without any advance booking ventured out to give a visit to the nearest multiplex on sunday afternoon.No doubt we were ascertained of the movie's popularity at the counter where the complete sunday was already booked, all the screens to add.As we stood at the counter still accepting this fact, & about to leave, suddenly out of nowhere the man at the counter remarked, that he had some cancellations.Bright-eyed we turned towards his screen & as he refreshed, Voila!! exactly 2 seats at the middle for the current show..! which later I discovered was also next to a romantic couple.oops.

The movie of course had to be good, a real refresher after ages & no, I didnt even miss the so-called movie hall near the college as I found that the Papu,who can't even dance doesn't actually exist ..!Lol.


  1. so gearing up for CAT...all the best...n btw the saw the movie was'nt so good.

  2. Thanks Sumit...wish you the same..!

  3. mumbai...d plc i alwys wna reside in..d plc of my drms..n dis articl of urs (my sexy roomie)..tempt me so mch 2 b nethn..n mk me rembr all d dayz of our masti n fun of moodi...stil waitn 4 dec 2 as 2 make sum more memories wid u in nvr kno wat nex...
    keep blogn as 1 of ur qualities of writng is fully enlightnd here..
    love ya

  4. Keep the countdown on Serrah..coz life is ever tempting with amazing people around..!