Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Winner takes it all

Watching a game couldn't have been more exciting.When you have a 5 time title defending, champion on one side & twice failed yet determined,equally competent 2nd seeded clay court expert on other, no doubt every point in the game had to be fought for, as every game has to have a winner.There was a lot to learn from one of the finest, almost like last year's Wimbledon Men's Final but with a new winner.Success couldn't have been more sweeter to Rafael Nadal as he consistently kept improving from breaking down to tears in his locker room after his really close loss last year to coming back finally to make it this time.Infact, thats the way the "lady luck" works.It pulls you down so that you bounce up to a greater heights, with lot more to learn in the process & never giving up in between.No doubt, winning isn't everything , it is the only thing.

Spoiled my test this sunday morning, next one is gonna be "Just do It" !!

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