Monday, August 11, 2008

(No)stalgic already

Scene 1:

The multitudinous crowd, the ever waiting long queues, the lifeline local trains, the never ending, most unwelcome d yet omnipresent, unavoidable traffic jams & checking out the latest models in the what-to-do-got-stuck-in-jam situations, of course I mean the vehicles! as one keeps switching the FM channels, the ever teaching fast-life which tutors you the funda of Survival of the fittest & wondering who says that Darwin’s Theory needed Biology classes to be understood.The beautiful & famous corporate high rises.Lot to learn.

Scene 2:

The dark, cloudy sky as I peep outta my window, the never ending rains, the slowly converting roads into rivers, society ground into swimming pool & so on, then the coverage on the news channels, with everyone suddenly more interested in the tide timings , ever hoping that it doesn’t coincide with theirs, & BMC messaging everyone to avoid venturing out for unimportant works & I, happily deciding (& of course approved by others) not to go to my training office, with a TV remote in my hands , hot coffee in other, all along with Mommy-made breakfast, seated on the most comfortable place on Earth, my drawing room sofa.

Finally final year & life seems to have turned completely just like how my weak section shifted from DI, I ridiculed about in my previous post, into Verbal.


  1. I too hate traffic!
    It makes me Sick!
    My office is almost 90 KM to and fro.
    *But Life goes on. :)

  2. ohh & my college is hardly at a stone's am kinda missing that Mumbai Traffic..or am I?

    but 90 that's called a big distance..!