Saturday, August 16, 2008

High On Exaggeration '!'

Final year had to bring in the final blow. Two months of convenient ,non technical dreamy life at home & am back to reality with a bang, again with all the dangerously technical sounding subjects surrounding me (as if 3 years weren’t sufficient enough to scare people like me, the born-intelligent-engineering-ruined-me types..!).However during lectures these days, I do manage to avoid my eyelids from crashing ! Thanks to all the time on Earth am getting, which I use judiciously to sleep, & hence I find that almost all classes are either a sort of review of what has already been mugged in previous sems like ‘cellular communications’ (at least till yet) or an outdated technology about something called telephones & landlines & exchanges & how they work if at all they still do..!

But whatever be am actually looking forward for 7th sem, lot many reasons (& CAT not at all being one of them) as I hope to get more technical gyan for the fulfillment of being an engineering grad, after all it does help, may be; summer trainings do prove that.

Coming back to the reasons, it seems like, lately everyone around is making sure they make the best of the last year of engineering ,hostel-life & all that before we enter the ever busy, real, dreaded actual life. Like DJ aka Amir Khan in RDB rightly said “life makes us dance outside the campus like we make it dance inside” (kindly bear with the loses while translation, the MTV ishstyle..! like I ignore all the red & green warning lines while typing ).So here we are, all set for theme birthdays, hangouts together, partying for the slightest of reasons & lotsa more planning as we create memories to cherish with still time to worry about the so-called ‘Quarter-life crises’(believe me it exists), which now seems to be nearing soon, thanks to all the ‘feel good’ about being the senior most..! But as of now it’s better to switch to the relaxed mode (till exams hit our peaceful lives yet again!) with finger-crossed-countdown, positively hoping for my next post coming from my internetted hostel room..!


  1. cute .. you write d hell lotsa... every engineers life ...but boys enjoy other things like foolin around,talking about gals while d class is going on .....i hope every gal do tht.....late night parties and in morning during 1st hour going 10 mins late ...gettin kicked by teacher.....then running after her for attendence.....and lots of other stuff ....we love doing that....

  2. No doubt, the post was titled 'High on Exaggeration',your comment only seems to have justified it again.

  3. one of the intristic human characteristic is resisting change!
    Guess you dont want colleg to be over that soon :)

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  5. even i deliberately prolonged my stay at my college, and believe me now i am here in the so called corporate world, the life on that side of the world was way more beautiful then this :|

  6. Hey akanksha!u know wat..the best part of your life's diary is,it somehow always connects wid the life and thoughts of every youth...very true.. we are taking every effort to make this last year of college a memory for lifetime...n why not?There is no rewind option in the player of life...dont we often long going back to school days? least i do..

  7. @...
    yep,life seems good as of now but damn this human nature, grass is always greener at the other side of fence.
    lucky we, our 'missing-old-school-days' experiences made us more wise to realize the importance of college life..!