Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pondering Over (for a change)

Since last few years, we all gloried over the fact about how we are progressing, India shining & all that due to which brain drain seems to have considerably reduced.However,last Sunday TOI featured a report which brought forth the complete part of the story of NRI‘s returning to India. . Of course we did improve but unfortunately boasted more about it. The article had instances to show that how those returning back regret their decisions & are moving out of the country yet again. Our “Sab Chalta hai” careless attitude, no respect for other’s time & the fact, how one needs to be so dependent on others to get any work done topped the factors among various others which were cited as a part of their inability to continue with work here in their own country.

True indeed, especially in smaller cities, where professionalism easily takes a back seat to our comforts, traditions & any reason we name to escape our work. Being an Indian, its so much part of our work culture now , that we hardly realize it.Though differences do come up as one explores the scenario abroad & finds out how one’s efficiency increases under a more regulated work environment. Or on a smaller scale, simply look at the change in working style & hence the quality differences in a small town (may include even a state capital) & a metro city .It explicitly gives quite an idea about the differences which do exist.

Poor performance at Olympics could be another example of our lack of enthusiasm & inability to give the max. of our abilities, whether we talk in terms of infrastructure, support or dedication. This can be talked on & on but what we actually need is some action. A little more interest in our work could not only inspire those around us but also refuel our own efficiency & more than that, a little more respect for other's time even though they may seem to have it more than you & setting a better example, just another area where we can ape the west.


  1. thought provoking post! World outside is Quiet different as I have seen. The outdated political system that breeds politicians that can get away with the crimes they commit, HIgh levels of corruption every where you Go, unreasonable reservations keeping out the people who deserve....blaah....blaah... blaahhh.. name it ! We have got IT all !

    btw the Business-Standard magazine dated 25Aug has a lot to say how india has flared, a real eye-opener.

  2. & to top of it, our most generalized one liner solution to all this: "Welcome to India",thats how we accept facts..!