Friday, September 12, 2008


Ever wondered how beautiful the world would have been, if Pandora didn't open the box full of all those insects of negative feelings...huh what am I talking about in this age of instant dating,when you can delete & add a friend by one-click, but the problem is feelings still remain & leaves us teary-eyed & with lot many experiences as this

To a betrayal from my friend
That demon from the hell
If ever I have cursed her
I take my curses back

For there is no more bitterness
To know that whom you trust
And to see that whom you believed
Was someone you knew not

Can you feel a pain of all the pains
More than the pain of death
For after that you feel the scar
Of what you think is dead

What may I deserve for this
I do not understand
And this friend brought to me
All her pain and harm

I had caught her when she fell
Her troubles I did strain
When she made a fool of me
I just silently wept

She stuck all the knives to me
When all should have stabbed her
I thought of her, all my days
When she thought none of me


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