Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Get a Break

Lotsa quoting & less writing makes a blog look more like a quote book..! -Galaxian (Lolz)

Got a break, a badly needed one,listened to a lot of FM (was actually bored of hearing this term more in my communication class as 'Frequency Modulation', instead of our actual Radio Mirchi, Big FM & such similar goody good sounding words),ate a lot,slept a lot, shift-deleted the things (not only virtually, hence reorganized life)& also did wonder on the wackiest of issues like God's own "Fun List".Now don't get me wrong this is not what i usually do during my 'break time' but then ever tired meditating? An idle mind is actually a difficult state to achieve & mostly associated with some devil's workshop & all..!(phew..these quotes never leave me)

So, back to the list on some rules God made during his kitkat time while having all the fun

~ like why the things we care about the most, troubles us the most, that newly acquired hair-style long back which made sure you kept thinking about it..

~ or why the importance of anything we so badly wanted earlier lowers after we finally achieve it, a very practical instance being marriage, a job or a good book..

~ & why the heck do the things which we enjoy the most are coincidently the ones which are usually considered not-so-good for us, as in indulging in a rich chocolate pastry frequently or spending more of your time online than offline

& so it continues,too much to think for a day off..huh ?

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