Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did I say 'H i g h A l e r t" ?

~ 1 month for the D-Day, 'ailurophobic' already..!!
~ 1 week for Mid sems, photostats are already piling,while its time for the insomniac in me to take a break as the sleep inducer theories start revolving around.
~ Already out of my 'Patience Quota',(hence prooved: no of days remaining for exams is indirectly proportional to the homesickness level)

Hmm..this doesn't actually puts me in a position to write what follows, but at times such things do help, better than hitting the panic button anytime..

So,a kinda my version of last minute guide.

Trust your Instincts,Believe in yourself (too many talks about it,hence worth taking that risk at least once..!!)
Bend Rules, Break your own records (what else are people remembered for)
Give a try than Give up (another failure in the cap can hardly kill you)
Realize,what actually is "A month" which life intends to teach (though this funda will be definitely repeated later,so counting on to the early learner's advantage)
& of course "The Real Journey" begins when your limitations begin..
& as our very own SRK said 'Chak De'

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  1. Panic Button is hardly an option, so continue with the good work.Good Luck