Sunday, October 26, 2008

Life's beautiful

Thursday 10 pm:
Sob Sob..2/5 mid term papers done, everyone is running away to home tomorrow,me too on sunday, as finally Diwali breaks come to my rescue..but wait what is happening to me am again behaving like a homesick 1st yearite..even in final year,so impatient to be at Mumbai that even a day long wait seems impossible..huh difficult me..!!However,life seems to have taught this several times that there are only 2 ways to react when shit happens :
1. Sit & cry & 2. Go & attack.. & so did I.I experimented & got myself a way to run away to home a day earlier & then as Paulo Coelho said, when you really want something all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.

Saturday 10 am:
Thanks to Indian Railways & Technology.I had the best journey to my home from hostel in the past 3 years, even during this maddening Diwali Rush..
So Exams done,ran from the place in the 1st bus possible & here I was on a new train, new route,met my relatives on the way hence also relished ghar ka khaana back home, even before reaching home..!!
Another best part being the amazing company along with me ,a group of really fun-loving people from Jaipur MNIT, enjoyed watching a flick on the move through the midnight with them.I mean imagine what better way to begin a vacation than in a star studded night sky at the back ground window, with beautiful industry & city lights passing by in between,& here we all in our so called 'Train Theater', we actually had a house full..!! actually pays to listen to your heart, after all if at all it is someone who badly needs some response from you, it is your heart waiting for your decision which makes you happy.Thus go for the action & pay yourself & your heart the respect it deserves & you may never know what beautiful life lies ahead of you..

& * Have a Happy & Safe Diwali *

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