Monday, December 29, 2008

Bidding adieu

At a year end.

A year ago,the speculations of IBM taking over Satyam computers wouldn't have made me jump up from my chair.I can actually relate to this 'Great Indian IT industry' now..!Those orange coloured pages & economic terms make more sense as newspapers are more than just the daily dose of Cartoon strips & sudoku solving at the back bench and not mere a lecture surviving tool.

A year ago,the joy of sitting among the VIP crowd at a college event would have been just an unimagined dream & beyond words is the amazing feeling of being seen off by a friend, you so wanted to meet once & makes you feel that whoever said 'Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away' was actually talking of these :)

A year ago,wouldn't have known that harsh lessons are to be learnt only the hard ways,especially when taught by friends.Neither would have known that every bad thing has a good side too- Summer trainings,the not working & than working of something called projects, team works a part of this package called engineering.

A year ago,the pagalguy B school rankings couldn't have been more meaningful.The numbers suddenly turned powerful.The reservations in the universities & what it means actually hurt now as I found out that (15 + 7 )% of 180 seats is a big number indeed & how some other numbers & scores can boost up a lost confidence.

A year ago, terrorism couldn't have instilled in the terror it now inflicts affecting everyone more than it ever did.

However, the blog still doesn't make any sense..!!Lolz there is always the next year for that..
Life remains same but an year is enough to create those significant changes which are to be noticed only gradually.An eventful year, to be remembered in ways more than one.


  1. i guess it was indeed a rich eventful year for ya...newez wishing you a very happy, joyous and prosperous new year !!

  2. Thanks sumit..Wishing you a great year too :)

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