Sunday, February 8, 2009

February Wisdom <3

Little learning & the Net Unavailability at hostel maketh a blog sensible by "Slow Blogging".Read this term somewhere which works behind the funda that slower blogging improves a blog's content, the same old story of quantity affecting the quality,as it won't contain the author's emotional outflow & thus saving the content & hence the readers.Doubtful though.

It wasn't supposed to be but seems like this 2nd month of 2009 is turning out to be a great learning month.With an unexpected, out of the blue, boundary case call from IMT G, ranking an enormous 15 on the Pagalguy's B school Ranking in India.The terms 'Luck' ' By chance' seem so appropriate now.Consequences being this part of my life can be easily called a short crash course on 'Indian Economy' 'Global Economy' 'Meltdown' 'Sub prime Crisis' & similar alien sounding terms as the links in the GD PI briefcase go on increasing blended with the as usual dreaded college mid term exams & lots of traveling.Time will only tell how this self help course works,as the countdown for this unanticipated event continues.

..but wasn't Feb supposed to be the most romantic month of the year?

Thanks to the accidental addition of my id in the mailing list of Apple, it considers me as one of its potential customer, god knows why & keeps sending me the amazing gadget photographs (oops..of course am interested 'Apple',though not for a good while).Like this time it did remind me of the "V Week",with its 'This V day, say it all with iTouch' mail.

Yeah Yeah, am touched !


  1. Dude, congrats for the call from IMT. Haven't browsed ur blogs much but I really like asthetic sense of your blog. So how is the preparations for GDPI going?

    Wish u gud luck.

  2. Hey Thanks :) though its a Dudette here..!
    Your site just aided in the preparation,thanks again !

  3. "random blog reader" this is me...waise i mostly refrain in commenting on random blogs cuz people dont like random people...But just thought here to!!..ok enough
    well the thing which made me commenting is the fact of slow blogging quantity vs quality...appreciate tht..
    feb is supposed to be most romantic but tht many times becomes most unromantic (only for the fact its supposed to be romantic)
    Apple is God..i c one more hardcore follower of it.
    your previous post someone said about something about blog being unethical? quite shocking just curious to know what all the person over thr said about it and how you argumented...:)
    lastly as told before am a random person who loves to read blogs..:)

  4. A Random Blog reader myself who loves commenting randomly again totally welcomes your comment on this Random Blog! Thank You :)

    The interviewer was just judging my views which i supported my citing how blogs are a great platform to express ideas & how the commercial blogs are changing the scenario these days.

  5. ahaan.. feel gud for tht positive response from your side...very rare frm grls in this "orkut world" (you get me on what i mean) well i just figured out what your name is..:)
    bdw whats your motivation behind writing blogs..i mean i feel after reading your posts its something like you are kind of opened up a update forum for your many of those celebs do isn't it..
    P.S. take no offense plzzz i dont intend it...:)..i hate it when people overinterpret..chao

  6. May be I suffer from this little misinterpretation of being a celeb in this small virtual "My Galaxy" !

    On a serious note,yes I agree the blog should have an explicit "Read at your own risk" warning tag :P