Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I so ever wanted to write such a post !
Read at your own risk ;)

Venue : Daly College Business School Indore
16th Feb '09,8:30 am slot,A Pleasant morning !

Reached at 8:10 am,strolled around through the campus as I entered from the main DC gate.The procedure started at around 9 am, with documents being verified & division of around 30 students into 2 panels.The air was all so Interviewish with every one around in their formal-ties-folders-sincere looks !Thanks to some South Indian fellow,I didnt have to be the opener of this Indore Centre innings as the 'Universal Alphabetical Rule' was being followed here too so me being with my Lucky '2'

GD began shortly,& here I was for my 1st mock cum actual GD.

A guy randomly picked up one of the 2 topics:
" MNS: A right cause being solved in a wrong manner"
We were asked to either select this one or go to the next,condition being we couldn't come back to previous one.Almost everyone nodded for this one..(Luckily as the other topic as discussed by 2nd panel was " B-schools are just producing managers not entrepreneurs" phew !! )

As it began, everyone was into it, was kind of fish market in a minute, almost everyone spoke & was cut short by another participant( greatest part being,everyone includes me too,worst being couldn't put any relevant point, though realized later that the overall GD had lesser points of discussion than was expected given the topic was easy enough for everyone to speak something).Before I knew it got over & we were asked to speak for a minute each.Could speak for the complete 60 or may be more seconds, added an example too as they didn't actually need a summary, I guess !

Same 3 panelists as of GD, 1 lady(P1), a 50 + Sir (P2)he didn't speak much,was seated right infront, & another sir (P3).

After Smiley Greetings

P3:How was your GD?
Me:Well sir, wasn't able to express my ide..(was cut short)
P3:Rate yourself on a scale of 5?
Me:Hmm 3/5 ? :-O
P3:(with an 'aren't you under estimating look', which made actually me feel good !)That's just 60 %?
Me:(Nodding & was about to say something )
P3:(Looking at my form) Can we conclude that you are Illogical?
Me:(Oops Oh no)Sir I got stuck in 1 set during CAT which led to some time mismanagement in the DI section.
P3:Why don't you do a Msc/Phd in Chemistry ? (had mentioned about some Olympiad )
Me:Never thought of pursuing a career in it Sir, don't see myself working in some Chem Lab years from now &..
P3:But you seem to be good in that?
Me:Sir, that was just an examination I gave in school,was never interested in Chem. though.
P3:Okay,what is H2So4 + NaCl?
Me:(Urghh..Chemistry aghain??) Sir it is Na2So4.
P3:What's that?
Me:Sodium Sulphate.
P3:So, your father is a banker, you interested in Finance?
Me:Well yes sir,the interest is natural but would like to specialize in Marketing or Operations (OMG, why did I say this :-O)
P3:What's operations?
Me:How its all about ideas & Blah Blah.. ( I too was amazed to reply this one !)

P1:You have mentioned Blogging as one of you hobbies, isn't blogging unethical?
Me:(Kyaa?? Blogging & Unethical ?) Explained something about it.
P1: Isn't it a personal thing?
Me:There are types of blogs..companies can use them ...
spoke something.. cited Google's example.
P1:What was your last post about?
Me:(I knew it this was coming)Apple's iPhone, V Day connection & something to sound technical.

P3:Is it useful for 50 + ppl? Market this iPhone to Sir(P2)
(Every one smiling)
Me:Spoke.Tried to convince him.

P2:I have a secretary.
Me:(with a wow good & offo)Put forward few points to convince him again.

P3:You know Ratan Tata doesn't even carry a cell phone?
Me:Well may be sir, but that's just an example,its his choice nothing which can be generalized about.
Spoke about how this age bracket can actually be used as an opportunity to market the product.Cited an example of good shoe business, market opportunity in a place where people aren't aware of the concept of wearing shoes.
(I believe this was the only intelligent thing I spoke in my complete interview, P3 was actually listening to me :-))

P1:Okay, we are done AH, Thank you.
Me:(getting up, all smiling)Thank you all & good days..
P3:Tell me what is the story behind this 'AA' double a's in your name?Some numerology related thing?
Me:No Sir, it is so from the beginning, even in my Birth Certificate.
(Ha ha)

Came out smiling, the 'Its all over now Look', wished the next guy, he had earlier mistaken me as someone else(after the GD).Mistaken, as he said :P
Met few work ex people.Got some Gyan from them & the complete experience.Surely improving the next time..!


  1. Inquisitive 50 year old's with a willingness to learn could be a pain in the a$$..
    who knws I may end up being one of 'em :)

  2. No doubt, you will master it all..!

    Heyy, am inquisitive about how your photography is coming up?

  3. never knew Ratan Tata doesn't carries a cell phone...what an irony.

  4. Yep..Interviews usually pour in lots of gyan which maketh them such a good experience !