Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank You

"Don't Mind, I am known for my nasty sense of Humour",& he was back into his typical roaring laughter.I,of course,was taken aback.I mean, meeting some one only for the second time, first time being his own wedding reception years back,I definitely am not the instant mixing types.

I knew him only as a distinct relative,former editor & a good writer.I had no idea that meeting him would be so changing,no wait the word is..INFLUENCING,my perception towards a lot many things as I learnt a lot from him,

True Love happens, it happens like they show in the movies,'infatuation' at first sight & you never know how & when that thin line disappears & everything just grows beautiful.You know that you are living that fairy tale well aware of the world around, being married does teach that.Following your dreams, taking that risk & coming out successfully in an offbeat career.. & then loosing it all right in front of you even before you realize.Life is definitely not fair.Those class X th Hindi poems about water bubbles,the strength of facing the reality but the remaining pain,it was all in his eyes even after years.

He had come to see me off.It was time for the train to depart & all I could think of was how we take things for granted but guess that's how it is all programmed to be, who knew 4 years back the importance of 'Ghar-ka-khana' but now, am grateful for all that I have.The cup will never run over but it does & unfortunately we hardly know about it.


  1. Qn :Y are all love stories sad? :)
    ans: cause the sad part makes it more memorable and nostalgic

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  3. “The heart was made to be broken”
    --Oscar Wilde
    May be!