Thursday, March 5, 2009

Social Networking ? Add me !

Blogging,Twittering,Orkutting & the list continues with the re-activation of my Facebook account lately.Experimenting is the word.Digital life is what we(most of us, Okay to be more honest at least me) lived here in this Beautiful No Man's Land(not that it is unoccupied as the word goes but it looks better not occupied).Yes, I confess as the Good-Bye-Forever Days come closer,I actually find my campus better.May be it was not that a bad place at all(oops.. did I just write that :-O :-P).Whatever, I love the way I lived my Virtual Life all through out.After all wasn't the virtual space used for socializing, at the first place for the very same reason.

As the Facebook story goes, Mark Zuckerberg, founder Facebook,& then a Harvard Sophomore,already past his photo sharing website Facemash, which had to be shut down by the university administration due to the security breach & the individual privacy it violated had this another next big idea.They say,Zuckerberg was blogging about some girl & was trying to do something to get her out of his mind(trust me, Wikipedia says so..!)So here he started with his Universal Platform vision,& hence the growth of the site to the level we all now know.The 18-24 age bracket is history now with almost everyone from any background & age group, from the next door neighbour to that cousin living on other part of the planet you actually never remembered meeting, from the Microsoft CEO to your school teacher or the distinct relative & finally your own parents, they all are here & so much a part of your life.So is this is the Escape route from the reality? Naah,it is as real as it can get.See you again was never so meaningfully true..!!

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