Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Wishing !

Read it in a Paulo Coelho Book,The Valkyries to be precise:You must be very careful of what you desire,coz you never know when some angel listens to your wish,as in over hears it & turns it true.Strange rules of the Universe but interesting enough to make you eager to read his works.

There are 2 possibilities, either you believe in this or you don't.

The worst case,a pessimist scenario being,you just missing something better you were about receive & now you are happy with what you have, till of course you don't realize what you missed..Weird !?!

Lets assume you follow this.Traveling from Electronics to Software to Management & Advertising !The journey is more difficult than interesting it seems & you know what your are left with, Confusion..lots of it.Trust me,so keep wishing..!!

People say take a job which you enjoy & you will never have to work.Figuring out takes it all but once it is what remains is pure passion to get it.Its like listening to that voice which says, if at all am doing anything great in life, this is it & this is bliss.

Watch Nadal's grand slam win, that's the bliss am talking about :)

Zindagi Mein Koi Arzooo Kijiye
Phir Dekhiye !

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  1. Traveling from Electronics to Software to Management & Advertising !

    yey! possible indeed!
    btw i got the cam :)

    IT-> photographer!
    how's dat?