Saturday, April 25, 2009

The First Shower

That scorching heat in those fun filled lazy summer afternoon suddenly finds itself welcoming a breezy wind with a sigh which smells of that wonderful promise of a much awaited shower..
The restless trees,made so by the wind,the window panes and dashing doors all announce the arrival..
The soothing wind gets gentler & before one realizes it suddenly makes way for the dark,water-laden frivolous clouds which soon enough turn the sky to an unexpected yet awaited carnival like ceremony..
The cloudy sky..unsuccessful in hiding the joy they bring..exuberantly celebrates this replica of a beautiful paradise created with thunder together with all its pompous celebrations..

The anticipation continues till I find myself smell the most amazing fragnance of the freshly wet sand..
It pulls me out towards itself as I find myself bewitched with its hypnotizing power..eyes closed..simply feeling those big water drops touching me..
This awaited shower embraces me very lovingly completely.. as it drenches the every bit of wind & sand & everything around finds itself all glistening..
Those restless trees now find themselves playfully enjoying & glowing with a beautiful fresh green for its admirers..

The dripping water makes me realize this exquisite transition which I know is here to stay..forever.


  1. Your language is very soothing and poetic..I simply loved..I guess u write poems as well..It felt as if I am also feeling the first shower.. Really amazing writing and selection of words..keep it up dear..

  2. Words anytime don't suffice the feelings still we try !

    Heyy..I noticed & really liked how you actually spent time going through my complete blog.. through the 1st till last comment timings !

    Thanks a lot for the appreciation Naval :)

  3. ha ha ha u noticed the timings of my comment.. In fact after reading ur latest post I couldn't resist myself from reading your all posts..And I really felt as if i have again toured my past..I have also connection with mumbai and lived there so could relate to the posts which were related to the pace of your style of writing and ur feelings behind these words compelled me to spend that much time..and I really loved spending time on ur really write from ur heart..