Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crazy World

A lot of Weird things are happening around me !

~ People around me no more complain of missing newspapers & I just missed few shoe throwing stories last week !
(confessing it all in the blog is all fun)

~ I now believe when people say they sleep for a mere 3-4 hours,a good reality check for a 10 hours heavy sleeper!
(priorities make you change it all)

~ I can no more continue with my 'College finishing Day' countdown,attachments & emotions are all to blame!
(btw its a month to go ;) )

~ I actually stayed away from My Blog for a big 20 days!
(Bad old 8 to 8 Busy Day is already my excuse)

~ A friend talked about 'My Galaxy' in his B-School interview!
(he needed something unpopular,interviewer didn't know about)

~ Belief in Miracles just got stronger,all you need to do, to live your dreams is Dream !
(Its beauty is worth the courage needed to dream)

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