Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Interes'IT'ng Day at Work !

Work seldom gets interesting.But 'it' gets so even after you try hard to make it look bad.Everyone gets a chance & every dog has 'its' day & so does 'it' has.Lets accept 'it'.Yes 'it' is all criticized for the no of holidays, work-pressure, monotonicity ( & a whole lots of many separate posts on how bad 'it' is) but the fact remains.'It' will be taken down as one of the greatest revolution of our times !

So here we had our much talked about Client-meeting today.Didn't matter much to me & similar souls around me,except for however getting up early & realizing I can still reach office in the office timings (when actually you get to see the sharing-auto-to-office-line) & a couple of handshakes with our Swiss Clients & me smiling inside on my Swiss connection,the closest I could get to Roger Federer :D after the Diwali-time Swiss Chocolates of course :)

PS: 1. All gearing up for the 'royal' client dinner tomorrow.They definitely deserve it after trusting their software,devices & working on us :P

DISCLAIMER: All grammatical mistakes directly blamed to my roomie & her blaring TV :| :P


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