Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh ! Calcutta

Just another day, when I was caught thinking about this highly productive city with simply superb infrastructure..[Gosh ! I had nothing better to do, for a change :P]

Snapshots (Part 1):

The Highly Productive kolkata ~ Everything here gets multiplied by 3, gets thrice on its own..Isn't this not magical enough about the place.Like 5 mins of 'speed-posting' job gets done in a good big 15 mins.This is when we consider the timer to start after reaching the counter, reaching there is another story all together..from a normal shopping, to basic amenities, to you-name-it.Its all the same.

& its Superb Infrastructure ~ The Metro line construction, evergoing since the mesozoic age has made it so possible for the auto-wallahs to present their driving skills.. making it so unbelievably convenient for the already stranded-in-a-big-sharing-auto-line office-goers.. a perfect start of the day.. & finally reaching office on time all you can think of is this :

Oh ! My dear, City of Joy,
I wonder how you got this name..
Coz in last 5 months I have met many a Mr. Joys,
but none being aware of the sarcasm behind the name !

Being to west, north & south,
I wanted a stint in the east this time..
but the silly me didn't get it right,
how regrets awaited me here all day & night..

From office to home to all the beauty in between,
this 'picturesque' city as widely acclaimed..
gets me to scribble such musings & proclaim !

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