Friday, April 23, 2010

From the eyes of beholder !

I remember when I was learning to swim, years back..& we had our turn to swim without any float after too many of those with-the-float practices.. I soo hated my trainer.It was scary, it was new, & I soo hated to be pushed to an area beyond my comfort.It was like being in the troubled waters ..literally ! 5 days later..things improved & 2 weeks later.. I could swim.That is what sums up the troubles of life and that is what sums up the under-rated word called 'patience'.You loose it for your own bad.Keep up the hopes & keep sailing through, coz as they say, the only way to get outta problem is to go through it & it will pass by quickly !

I thought I hated this city, but keeping aside all the cribbing, it has its own beauty -


  1. Nice thought and nicer pictures. BTW what does the newspaper headlines say?? MI's loss to Kolkata or to Chennai in finals??

  2. Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

  3. Thanks !

    @The Guy Next Door: Get over IPL now !