Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Hours :)

Everybody gets their share of happy hour.Star World gets it & so do we, even if we are here at Cal.
So one fine day, on a Sunday evening, after doing nothing for almost the complete weekend, plans to come outta self-imposed house arrest get showered by although beautiful & highly-awaited rains :

Such is life.. soo many permutations & combinations of getting what you so wanted & your priorities.. coz when you get it your priorities are already changed.Though again.. it is all about hoping for those rare combinations when everything matches perfectly to happen, we all know they exist !

1.Snap taken from my bedroom balcony, trying to cover darky clouds but covered most of my neighbor's house & his reading chair (a sight, part of my beginning-the-day-moments !)
2. The previous post was a crap.. i still wanna get outta Kolkata ASAP !!


  1. Dear Galaxy girl,

    I really like your blog, with many vivid photos and lively words, and I was wondering if you've grown up in the U.S or other European countries? The reason is that I am working on a cross-cultral project, and from your expressions of English and words of usages, I guess perhaps you are not all grown up in India. Thanks for your reply!!

    Karen from Taipei:DD

  2. Thanks !

    @Karen: That was so sweet of you to notice my blog.You have a nice blog yourself :)

    And as a matter of fact,I am born & brought up in India only, but lived in too many different parts of it.India in itself has many languages & diverse rich cultures from east to west or north to south :)
    Lemme know if i can help you know more about it !
    Keep Blogging :D

  3. So, dont u wnt to go bck agn now??? :P

  4. & Simultaneously I thnk u r wd ur Pondmates too! :)) Anyway nice wording ! Kewl :))