Sunday, May 16, 2010


You stay protected in your small pond.You face your own set of difficulties, you overcome them, you move on. You say this is life.You have your own known set of people around you - your 'pondmates', you live with them, fight with them,love them & you conclude this is life,such is life.

And then you are taken outta your pond & thrown in a beautiful BIG BLUE & bad sea.

Life begins.Pond is far behind & you miss it.You are out in the sea facing the big changes around you where there are more people which are definitely not your pondmates & mind you there can be no seamates, I mean hullo..!! pondmates looked okay..but a word like seamate in itself sounds so-not-possible! coz' the so-called seamates are not your mates, they are unknown & can be anything from harsh to helpful to misleading.Imagine those underwater movies and Discovery videos and you exactly know what am talking about here.Its beautiful from outside, the pond's view but you never know what you are into when you just step in..Unpredictable is the word.Then you swim along & understand the sea rules & make your self known to sea coz now you are aware you might be into an ocean too,before you realize you are a sea creature yourself.
1. It has been exactly 1 year.On the very same day, last year, when I happily stepped out of my college, I was so sure then that am not gonna miss it.One year down, I fail my theory myself.
2.Any resemblance of my manager & seniors@work as a seamate is totally NOT a coincidence.
3.The BIG BLUE is in caps & bold, describes the sea I so gleefully jumped in a year back :|


  1. So true and so nicely written. It can be anyone's story. At least its mine too.

  2. hey!!...true...the BIG BLUE is back...missing pondmates...and just when u think u hv got accostomed to the new change and r kinda liking it,things start to baffle all over again...

  3. Hopefully the Big Blue won't seem so big and scary with more time....luckily you are still young and have a lot of living to do...get out there and enjoy it, the best you can. I enjoyed your blog a bunch!

  4. I like how you've used the analogies of pond and sea. It seems all the very same and real. =)

  5. Hmm so u r in BAD sea with unknown,harsh Seamates!! :(

  6. Guessing now u got few known Pondmates ! :P

  7. Yeah.. Good to find "PondMates" in sea ! :)