Monday, March 21, 2011

Moral Policing - The Censorship Issue

Just like what a person reads reflects the taste of a person, & to a considerable extent of what he/she is like, similarly the social media of a country, especially the Television & Radio & the entertainment they provide reflects a great deal about the society.Keeping this in view some countries try to assume the role of a moral police & hence try to censor the offensive content of any program.

Now there are no hard & fast rules on which we rate these programs & in every such case as this there comes a point of conflict due to the difference of the opinions.A recent shift in the timings of a program,a reality show  related to the adultery & relationships,on a famous Music channel to after 11 pm slot raised similar voices.The viewers of this particular show considered it a way too strict & an unnecessary move.However, authorities were right on their part considering that such programs though not adult-rated should have a restricted viewer ship. Exposing the children & the early-teens to such reality shows could proove to be a really bad example, as they still aren't in a position to judge the rights & wrongs specially related to such issues where they themselves are pretty premature to form any opinion of their own.This could have been the best possible solution favorable to all.

However,all doesn't seem well because even the authorities can at times make too strict a decision such that it infringes the rights of the viewers but Who is to decide that? I believe that the best deal is when we focus on how the censor-board is formed.It should be diverse in the important dimensions where the difference of opinions contradict the most like  regional, gender-based & most importantly the age factor.This way the moral policing wouldn't be taking a bad role at all as it would cater to the views of the different verticals/groups removing any discrepancy related to the censorship issue.

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