Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Idioms - 1

As a part of GMAT SC preparations, am starting a kind of Super Week (Yep inspired from those silly ZooZoos & also someone's idea ! ) to jot down the basic Idioms, specially helpful to the non-native English speakers ! To begin with the following 1st list from Kaplan !

1. Regarded as ...& not regarded to be:

I regarded him as the most intelligent... & not 

2. Considered a :

Considered to be is right but considered wordy by GMAT
Considered as a is Wrong

It is considered a major market leader...

3. as long as :

It too me 4 times as long as it would have taken me to complete the report...
& not long than XXXX

4.The Geneva Convention covers such Questions as (& not like) proper treatment

5. He plays Guitar as his father does. (& not like again !!)

6. at a rate of & not in a rate of

The GAs was being produced at the rate of...

7. prefer to & not over

 I prefer Korean food to Japanese & not over (How to remember : GMAT avoids being wordy !)

8. from attending & not to attend (How to remember : You don't discourage someone to attend but from Attending !)

My Mom tried to discourage me from attending ,..

9. Between is used to choose to distinguish two things..& among is used for more than 4.

Ex : They divided the pie among themselves or among 4 of them

10. Fewer is used for countable things & less is used for abstract items & uncountable

Ex : Less milk/water .. Fewer Salary !


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  2. Thanks God... I am not a GMAT aspirant...phew...

  3. Lol ! English is a funny language & is really taking on my nerves.

  4. Though you are yet to enter a management school yet you know the first rule of marketing:- Sell what people want to Buy.

    Looks like pretty soon people would start reading your blog more than any edition of "Official Guide to GMAT".

    PS- please tell me from where you got these errors. Verbal has always been my "strongest" areas in CAT.

  5. You have arrived at the right place for your verbal queries, Mr.The-Guy-Next-Door ! :D
    On a little more serious note, you already know it better !
    Enjoy & keep supporting the Blog.
    Join FB.Take Care !