Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Experience maketh a leader

You may be a child prodigy, you might have a great direction to focus & develop your thoughts, with a very fulfilling education or might be a holder of an attractive degree from one of those shiny coveted B Schools, but all that won't suffice when it comes to leadership.It needs that extra factor which may distinguish a leader from another & hence their actions & ways to lead.Experience it is.Nothing beats experience especially in a field like this where one's experience teaches him/her the best on how to react & handle a situation or a crisis and after reacting, manage it in a most efficient way.

Once bitten twice shy.An experience leaves a great mark on an individual & by this I mean in both positive & negative manner.It is obvious that while leading a leader will pass on his learning in some or the other way to his followers/team members.After all, that's what a leader does, leading the way forward by setting up examples learnt from his own.Take for an instance, a 30 year old recently passed out college grade into leadership role & a 50 years old gentleman in the same, working for a firm in a same team.When faced with an urgent crucial decision,involving matters of high financial concerns, it is undoubtedly the later who will be presenting forward the best advice for the company at that point of time.Now, you might argue, that at times, things get obsolete & hence the decisions made by the more experienced person in this case might appear to be irrelevant.However, this is not some technical stuff we are talking about.It is mostly dealing with people under given situations & circumstances we are talking about.These are the basic inherent rules of leading which we are talking about.The rules, which like common sense never change & only get better & what matters then is number of years of experience.They never go obsolete but keep on adding to a person's experience.In short, what I mean is that the names of the theories might change to make things appear more systematic & easier or rather I should say complex with more & more theories to remember for, but the universal rules in these cases remain the same.

Undoubtedly, a person's skill, knowledge, its brand value & the knack of applying the same matters but motivating people, understanding behaviors, all based on social learning.Be it a teacher, a sportsperson, or a CEO, or whatever field it might be,we all know what refines that leadership quality in a person with such a role to look towards to.


  1. looks like someone is going on right track

  2. Good one ! Thn, Ur manager is in danger ! :P

  3. A leader knows the way, shows the way, walks the way.

    Unfortunately, my boss doesn't know a thing of what all I/you/management books have said :(

  4. I think there lies a great opportunity with you to show his or rather in our terms, lead him the way !