Tuesday, May 31, 2011

India Talks - 2

The recovered US Markets seem to be promising as ever before, however what they can not neglect are large growing economies or as we would like to believe ignoring the 'bubble economy' remarks made by the west.Of course, towards the end of 2010 we did hear money flowing back to the developed nations but we have the numbers showing up better picture, specially when it comes to the growth rates, like :

GDP Real Growth rate : India (8.3%), 2nd highest after China & US (2.7%) following at 3rd position.
Industry Production Growth rate : India (9.7%) & US (3.3%)
Public Debt (as a % of GDP) : India (55.9) & US (58.9)
It is only when the Indian Economy curbs the Negative Factors hampering the economy like Inflation, still touching 8.66% (Apr '11), the rising Food Price Index or dropping Industrial Output & similar such factors we can think of maintaining our much needed growth rate which would induce other's faith in our economy & like a vicious circle further help us.The FIIs too have shown a fluctuating trend upto this year :

FII Activity for the Year so far
January 201157,949.9064,280.10-6,330.40-1,387.15
February 201159,002.2062,756.70-3,754.30-825.95
March 201159,205.9048,151.9011,054.402,471.09
April 201147,484.2044,553.002,931.20658.46
May 201148,770.6055,190.10-6,419.60-1,436.49

I would conclude it is still a long way to go.

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