Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seedhi baat, baaki sab bakwas !

This is how a Blog looks like when ~

1. The rate at which people are getting married/ getting in B- Schools (specially the highly-idiotic crowd who doesn't even know why they are following the crowd)/ switching their jobs remains at an annual high.

2. There is less than a month to go for a BIG Exam.

3. One is still in a 80-20 Phase (80-not to postpone the dates & 20-to postpone the dates of the exam )

4. You backspace atleast 3 times before writing, deciding if a possessive pronoun is being used at the right place, unobstructed by the Subjunctive mood !

5. Some major planning keeps getting procrastinated (read planning a home trip & blah blah..)

All is truly well.Sarcasm Unintended.

PS: Topic Translation in English - Straight talks, rest all is irrelevant.


  1. I can sense the anxiety .. that persists when the exam dates are close...
    anyways a suggestion .. do not postpone the exam me on never works...
    personal experience says it...

  2. Thanks for the kind advice Ketu ! :)