Friday, June 17, 2011

Tee - Week !

Disclaimer : Writer's go through a writer's bloc, a period in their writing life in which they loose ability to produce new work.Do we have something opposite to it too ? Writer's 'Unblock' when all they think of is to write something or the other.

Friday it is and this week has to be definitely called a  Tee Week !

Tee Story 1
We got to witness something rare.The way a company celebrates its centenary year ! Something you don't get to see just any day. So here the Big Blue celebrates & we get a Blue Tee (along with a Mug & a good insightful book featuring the BIG Blue's Big journey) to spread the happiness ! I never knew myself that I would find myself all glorying in this moment. I mean, I am no way attached to the company I work for.It is a simple, professional give and take relationship (that too unbalanced towards the former :P ) but then I confess, I respect it for giving me an identity, which I am proud of :) So here is one of my fav centennial video.Do watch it till the end.You wouldn't agree less.

Tee Story 2 :
I won a Beat The Gmat Tee !! yayy :D
So they had a contest, we were supposed to earn badges while using the forum.I pretty much expected it the last week itself, but the silly me, didn't check my "GMAT Label" in my inbox & when I did, there it was David, the BTG CEO's mail :)

So that was this week's Tee story. Back to business.Period.

PS : I think writer's block as well as the so-called 'unblock' both lead to a decrease in the quality of their works, if it did exist at first place !


  1. Moral of the story, one should see other labels too apart from 'social networkin' ones.

    Anyways Kudos to IBM for the first tee and Kudos to BeatTheGmat for the second one..(i thought i will give kudos to u for the second one but naaah!!)...

  2. Kudos to My Galaxy to have your comment ! :D