Thursday, September 22, 2011


Alok was too lost in his thoughts & may be that is why he didn't notice that his flight was about to land.It was only when the otherwise noticeable Air hostess asked him to tie his seat belt, he shifted his attention from the clouds ,which as always had a unique soothing formation of their own, outside his window that he came back to the present. The journey had given him the time he so badly wanted.A time with himself, alone or rather as they say in the "neutral grounds".It was the journey between his source & the destination, between the two parts of his life he had been struggling with. Alok just wanted to stay there wished this moment could stay.It was a rare peace he felt during that short flight when his thoughts didn't have to fight among themselves.
As they say, present is where you live! but the bad thing about present is that it flies away too soon specially when it is so good & specifically here when it is so peaceful because Alok could soon see the beautiful city,where his flight was about to land, just below him.And then to his surprise he felt a teardrop trickle down his cheeks, a smile which touched his lips & a relief that his heart actually showed some emotions. It was that view of the city which he recognized really well, like some amateur pilot.It was a view which had always filled him with extreme emotions.View of this city which had too many memories to give him.Memories of the joy he had by the mere sight of this view rushed him.

Alok thanked God that that things were still the same. Even though if it was for the last time.He closed his eyes as he cherished this moment with gratitude.

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