Tuesday, January 10, 2012

God save the Dork

So instead of updating my blog, I found myself laughing while reading the most perfect & apt book one can finish while sitting in an office cubicle! (that is of course when tons of the work finally gets over, in case you are from my office & reading this ;)) Interestingly, for a change, I came to know about the author here first before the book itself, thanks to 'cricinfo.com' & 'twitter' where I have been following Sidin Vadukut's tweets until he mentioned about his coming book, 2nd of the 'Dork' -trilogy called "God Save the Dork". With no idea of what that title meant, without any reviews or reading his 1st book, I pre-ordered it & as you see, I don't regret it!

The story continues to narrate the life of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese, through his humorous diary entries as he works as a management consultant & strategy guru at Dufresne Partners, dealing with his 'efficient' co-workers, building 'smart' strategies for his partners, cultural changes at London, his long-distant girlfriend in India Gouri (not to forget her long mails), his tummy upsets & handling public embarrassments, saving from the hotel bills etc!

What I liked the most about Varghese's character is the way it connects to any of us, the way he reacts to the everyday situations, how we all have our bad days of which we have no control of, the little narcissists which we all have in different quantities in us, & the way he enjoys it all.

My Take: Do grab it, if you have a boring journey to take or if you want to take a break from serious stuffs!


  1. Thank you for your review! Glad you liked the book. And do stay in touch on Twitter.

  2. Awww..!! Thanks for the comment :) Am grabbing the 1st one too soon! Keep writing :D

  3. Do you still have the book with you ?

  4. Yep! Will send it over to you tomorrow.