Monday, July 9, 2012


I could have blogged about the drastic changes happening around me. The sudden mail (not actually, as I was all finger-biting-anxiously-waiting for it), the great experience I then had at work on how to actually deal with the most practical challenges, traveling back to the place I hated the most on the Earth (yes & it even takes credit for being the most sought or rather talked after city in my blog too!) I mean how come I didn't blog about the place I loved the most (my good old hyderabad) & just about the city I hated the most! & see the law of attraction & the secret, it actually worked again! So continuing with my list of all those things which iCould  have blogged about, getting back to hostel life, from waiting for weekends & two movies per weekend to no movies for the coming weekends, from meeting new people to feeling the dream come true & actually taking the pride on being n IIFTian now (Yayy!) to actually taking the in hand experience of the super-hectic life which B Schoolers keep talking about to phew! The list just can't get over.
Aren't some lists just meant to be that way, the never-ending things in life, running behind them from one place to other!

P.S. This has to be my fastest post ever, 4 mins flat! :D Talk about time management 8)

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