Thursday, August 30, 2012

From Sleepless to Bliss

This part of my life is called Sleepless. Never before could I have related the gloomy signs of the Indian Economy with the gloomy dark circles around the sleepy-puffy-drunk-looking eyes.There are few things in life, the importance of which we understand only when we miss them. The same happened to my sleep.

Much has been talked & written about it already.As a matter of fact any B School student develops many not-so-understandable relations with sleep the moment he enters the sleepless world of MBA! One of the most beautiful being sleeping in class, where one can find the innumerable examples of different sleeping styles & patterns, condition being, you yourself need to be awake at first place. Believe me when I first heard about such stories, I never believed them & considered them to be a mere exaggeration, a yet another important aspect of the B-School life which deserves a separate post of its own! but it is a different story altogether to actually live it.Then there is this 12-3 am time slot. A time of one the highest productivity but a sure-shot cause of regret the next day. God save you if you extend it upto 5/6 am.

However, like everything else in life, this too needs a bit inspiration for me to shut down my work & enjoy a sweet peaceful slumber myself - the luxury of a B School grad.

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