Friday, August 30, 2013


So August is coming to an end. A month which I can relate with the month of that sure shot, highly awaited, mid of the year, mid of the month holiday (also GrandPa's B Day!). This year too the day reminded me of freedom but of a different kind. The one which liberates you out of the confinements of your limiting thoughts. which bind you and stop you from living. After all it's a freedom which makes life appear so small, in this big world..

which makes you want to travel around all the places you ever can..
which makes you want to read everything which you like..
which makes you tired of missing opportunities..
which makes you take the risks worth the gain..
which makes you want to attempt the basket like that 5'2'' guy with a ball in his hand..
 which makes you realize that success is a step ahead your fear of failure..
which makes you dance like no one is watching..
which makes you update blog with posts like these coz' you either come back with a bang! or you just don't!

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