Sunday, September 1, 2013

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Dear Blog

So, if I am not home this time next year, as it turns out to be, it will be a decade of Birthdays away from home. Bad! This again proves, turning into an adult was a bad decision. But then who in life ever had options.of own.

From Grandpa's visit to my Lakshmangarh hostel for my 18th, to the most special dinner with Mom Dad on my 20th in the beautiful Revolving Restaurant at the city beautiful (and well now my hometown) Jaipur, B irthdays started looking good in this grown up version of blowing off candles with friends in the sweet home party.
Revolving Hotel @Jaipur and the city view from it

But then there was this reality-hits-hard on face type 22nd B Day, when I had to relocate to this new city of the so-called Joy on the very day! When waking up to finding The Telegram down your beautiful, everything available at a call away, yet all alone hotel room; with a bunch of kids playing football in the ground behind the window had an indescribable beauty of its own. And then there were the normal chocolates-at-my-desk mail types, the so grown-up types and the lavish dinners as I would say.

The way it works, you don't grow up ON your B Day, but its a continuous process. Like I heard once, "you are more mature just now than what you were a second back", as you just finished this sentence. But I would rather believe, like what papa says in his "at-the-time" call always, that how I just got an year older!

So here as I pen down like a 12 year old, I wish I can be home like a 12 year old at least the next time. As I also thank God for letting me always have my companion with me all though out every B Day, when I can look back and get senti ;) or as a typical virgo feel stupid about ' Gosh! I used to write that!! What on the earth was I thinking!' and still make sure I let it be the same, coz it's as real as me and as painfully perfect as the Virgo in me would like to believe it to be.

Cheers to the 6 years of My Galaxy!! 

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