Friday, April 10, 2015

Of our freedom and the choices

We had an English teacher, who had a very unique style of teaching. I remember, one of his individual assignment, in class 11th even included watching an assigned English movie and give a presentation on it - the plot, characters, and critically reviewing it. Even after a completing an MBA course and having studied almost for 20 years, that definitely remains the best assignment till date (watching a movie giving you 20 credits, obviously had to be the best assignment!). 

He once shared an incident dating back to the time when India had just got its independence from the British rule. It was a celebration everywhere. An Indian, out of happiness, opened up an umbrella on the face of an Englishman passing by the street saying "We are independent now, we can do anything! We have the freedom! " The person in front replied, "Your freedom ends, where my nose begins!" 

This Ted talk by Monica Lewinsky shows us shows us something on the similar lines, the other side of the much talked about story or rather say a social media gossip:

There is no rule book of life and it's all about perspectives. Like I say, there is no right and wrong but shades of right and wrong as it is all relative. The way Deepika's recent Video on Women Empowerment went viral, and received mixed response shows us the luxury we have in our country of voicing our opinions (talking about #MyChoice). It's easy to have your say but difficult to listen to the person in front. Intelligence is having an opinion of your own but even a higher form of intelligence is respecting other's opinions and space. Make sure you are making the "Intelligent Choice"

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