Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Happiness is surprising yourself in morning by deciding not to go to office as you oversleep till you can waking up to a self indulging cold coffee with chocolate as you sip it while watching the falling dry flower petals from window outside..

... while the rain gods decide whether it's a good day for yet another tea time rain spell today as the cool breeze make use of the confusion making it a weather worth bunking and not just watching the rains from the office, going back to bed turning the pages and progressing through the long pending 500 year old book on political philosophy gifted by one of the most read person to be around and pondering over it while escaping to far far land and time only to be brought back to present by the chirping of birds over and writing it down like in school..

An Instant Vacation is so not overrated. Everything else is!


  1. magical drops bringing mixed emotions n feelings always

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