Sunday, April 26, 2015

Whoever believed in love at first sight

3rd September 2012, 

Waking up sleepy eyed..swollen eyed, in my luxurious guest house where I had arrived a night before to a place out of no where to what was the IT hub of the sleepy city, welcomed by the telegraph passed beneath my guest house room, as I opened the curtains to see a bunch of school boys playing the muddy football in a field behind as it drizzled softly, the soothing September rain. That's how I was welcomed by the city. 

15th October 2012,

"You may fasten your seat belts now" announced the flight attendant. As I look down to watch the lightened city. Not the Marine Drive lights but the remains of the Durga Puja previous week, cut in between by the silent and calm Hooghly, sheepishly passing by the city. That's how it again welcomed me back.  

Life truly happens when we are busy making other plans.

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  1. Gosh ...! Lucky you...!

    You get a lot of time to pen stuff down...I miss writing that frequently.
    Like the description of the city in the video.